For Students

Student Support is Essential to the Success of UIS United Faculty!

Research shows that students benefit from a unionized faculty! Students on unionized campuses are more likely to stay in college and they graduate faster! Unionized faculty are able to spend more time advising and mentoring students. Unionized faculty help control administrative costs leading to lower overall university budgets and lower tuition costs. The goal of UIS UF is to create a better UIS, with a stronger focus on students’ education. Help us bring that about!

UIS United Faculty student outreach fliers:

To learn more:


Follow this blog (see right), like our Facebook page, or email the UIS UF Organizing Committee at



  1. […] more about the benefits of a faculty union on our blog. You can also attend the SGA meeting on campus Sunday, September 21st. There UIS United Faculty […]

  2. I wasn’t aware of the vote for a general strike until this past Friday.
    By Monday afternoon, there will be four clipboards on campus students can sign to show their support of UIS United Faculty.

    —William M. Hart, senior, Communication

  3. Thank you for the support! Tue vite went through late afternoon Thursday. We would love to coordinate our efforts with you. Please send an email to

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