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04 May 2017

GEO at UIUC Solidarity Statement in Response to UISUF Strike

Urbana-Champaign (May 4, 2017): The Graduate Employees’ Organization Local 6300 IFT/AFT at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign stands firmly in solidarity with our comrades in University of Illinois Springfield United Faculty (UISUF) as they go on strike for a fair labor contract that ensures reappointment, tenure, and promotion language. Like many labor organizations over the years, UISUF union members reached their breaking point over their employer’s lack of fairness and integrity throughout the bargaining process. Therefore, UISUF will continue the historical trend of advancing their working conditions outside of the bargaining room by organizing members, withholding their labor, and promoting solidarity across the local, state, and federal sector. GEO UIUC recognizes the special significance of UISUF’s disruption of campus production given the current anti-labor federal and state structure we live in. UISUF members’ brave actions this week mark the third major work stoppage across three University of Illinois campuses in four years, not by coincidence, but by an intentional assault on working people in one of the strongest labor states in the nation. Our solidarity and willingness to engage in militant action not only shifts the balance of power at the bargaining table, but also sends a strong message to all owners, employers, and administrations that workers will not tolerate bad-faith bargaining or negligence towards our material and social conditions. GEO UIUC calls on all labor unions and community organizations to send support and resources to our UISUF comrades as they strike for their fair contract and strengthen worker solidarity! Our liberation is at stake.

We encourage everyone to please take a moment to sign this petition supporting the striking faculty at UISUF:

The Graduate Employees’ Organization, AFT/IFT Local 6300, AFL-CIO, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, represents approximately 2,700 Teaching and Graduate Assistants on the UIUC Campus. In November 2009, over 1,000 GEO members successfully went on strike to secure a fair contract and more accessible UIUC. With an active presence in the community, the GEO continues to work for high-quality and accessible public education in Illinois.

For more information, please contact Maria Garth, GEO Communications Officer, at

Long Live the Power to the Worker,

Graduate Employees Organization

Local 6300 IFT/AFT, AFL-CIO

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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