Today’s bargaining

We sent the following email to our colleagues following a long bargaining session. 


We are sorry to keep you waiting, but we want to assure you that we have been working until this last moment on negotiations. ​We had some important discussions regarding the issues central to us, which are the reference to the Faculty Personnel Process regarding reappointment, tenure and promotion; and meaningful protection against procedural violations of that policy.

We do not yet have a proposal on this issue that we can agree to. But there is room to avoid a strike if the University Administration proves it is willing to take steps toward a compromise we can agree to.

To that end we have scheduled another bargaining session for Monday morning and we will keep you posted on our progress. The decision regarding a work stoppage will be made on Monday, depending on how that conversation goes.

This does not preclude the possibility of a work action next week, so we will continue preparations for the work stoppage, even as we continue negotiations.

In solidarity,

UIS UF Executive Board

and Negotiating Team​

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