Faculty Strike: Info for Students

What is a strike?

A “strike” is a tactic labor unions use to compel employers to negotiate a contract with employees that includes fair compensation, benefits, and working conditions. During a strike, employees withhold their labor to protest their employer’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith.

Why would UIS professors go on strike?

UIS United Faculty (the union of tenured and tenure-track faculty at UIS) has been negotiating a contract with UIS administrators for almost 2 years. The administration continues to drag its feet on important issues like salary, faculty voice in the tenure process, and a meaningful grievance policy.

How long would a strike last?

Because faculty are central to a university’s mission, strikes of university professors—like recent ones at UIC and UIUC—tend to last only a few days.

How will a strike affect students?

  • Short term: during a strike, tenured and tenure track professors will not teach courses, grade papers and assignments, respond to student emails, or hold office hours.
  • Long-term: Because faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, a fair contract for UIS professors can slow growth in administrative costs, prioritize costs related to teaching/learning, allow the university to attract and retain high quality faculty, and improve the overall educational experience for UIS students.

Will all UIS professors be on strike?

About 160 UIS professors are tenured or tenure-track. Only these professors will be on strike. Non-tenure track faculty (clinical instructors, academic professionals, adjuncts, and graduate students) will not be on strike. However, by securing a fair contract for tenured/tenure-track faculty, UIS UF hopes to improve salaries and working conditions for all UIS professors!

How can students help?

  • Find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/UISUF/)
  • Follow us on WordPress (uisufinfo.wordpress.com/)
  • Tell Chancellor Koch you support UIS United Faculty’s demand for a fair contract that prioritizes teaching and learning (over administrative growth) Phone: (217) 206-6634 Email: koch@uis.edu Twitter: @ChancellorKoch
  • Join us on the picket lines if you can—anyone can participate, and your support would mean a lot.

UIS professors stand in front of the class to provide students a high-quality education.

UIS United Faculty asks UIS students stand beside us as we fight for their futures!

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