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Today’s bargaining

We sent the following email to our colleagues following a long bargaining session.  Colleagues, We are sorry to keep you waiting, but we want to assure you that we have been working until this last moment on negotiations. ​We had some important discussions regarding the issues central to us, which are the reference to the Faculty […]

Faculty Strike: Info for Students

What is a strike? A “strike” is a tactic labor unions use to compel employers to negotiate a contract with employees that includes fair compensation, benefits, and working conditions. During a strike, employees withhold their labor to protest their employer’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith. Why would UIS professors go on strike? UIS United […]

Strike Manual

Got questions about what a strike could mean for faculty? Here is a resource document from the Illinois Federation of Teachers. You can download this as a word .doc. Strike Manual

UIS UF Executive Board Op-ed in The Journal

  UIS United Faculty negotiating 19 months “In 2015, UIS tenure-track faculty voted to unionize so we could negotiate our salaries, benefits, and working conditions with the UIS administration. We were concerned about our own welfare but also that of our students. Research shows that public universities with unionized faculty devote more resources to classroom […]

UIS UF in the news

Urbana TV station WCIA covers our strike authorization vote! “SPRINGFIELD — Professors at the University of Illinois-Springfield campus now have the power to strike.This doesn’t guarantee they will, but last week’s vote now allows them to do it. Frustration for instructors like Kristi Barnwell are growing more each day as the United Faculty Union goes […]

UIS UF in the News

Megan Swett, editor of the UIS student newspaper The Journal, reporting on UIS UF strike authorization vote: “News broke on April 14 that UIS Faculty United voted for the ability to call strike. While this vote does not immediately implement a strike, it provides union leaders the option. The vote comes after 19 months of […]

UIS UF in the News

The State Journal-Register: Union faculty at University of Illinois Springfield authorize strike. “In a press released issued Friday, UIS United Faculty said the administration’s failure to take meaningful steps during two years of negotiations takes away from the teaching-centered mission of UIS.” Potential Picket by Professors at UIS on WUIS: “We’re still hoping that we don’t […]