Welcome Message to Chairs

As of January 11th, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board issued a recertification of our bargaining unit to include chairs. The decision by Labor Board members was unanimous. The following email was sent to chairs, welcoming them to the bargaining unit on January 19th.

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to UIS United Faculty! Attached to this email is a copy of the newly-issued recertification of our bargaining unit, which officially recognizes chairs as faculty members are included in UIS United Faculty/UPI 4100.

Practically, this means that you are no longer at-will employees and have the rights and protections afforded by our Union. It also means that you have a stake in the quality of the contract we negotiate. We want to hear from you about your concerns and issues that affect your ability to do your work as chair. We hope that you will contact a member of the executive board and become involved by providing feedback and working with us so we get a strong contract that protects and supports faculty at our institution.

Last semester, we began meeting with departments at their invitation to answer faculty questions about the status of bargaining, the nature of status quo decisions, and more. We want to continue meeting with departments; if you think colleagues in your department would benefit, please let us know and we will gladly join you for part of a department meeting for Q&A.

Finally, we also know that compensation for chair duties has varied across campus, and that decisions in this regard have not always been transparent or equitable. If you have specific thoughts about this issue, we would really like to hear from you.

In solidarity,

Kristi Barnwell (on behalf of UIS UF executive board)

Lynn Fisher, President

Kristi Barnwell, Vice President

Heather Bailey, Representative at-large

Donna Bussell, Representative at-large

Deborah Anthony, Grievance Officer, ex officio

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