Email sent to President Killeen and Chancellor Koch re: Campus Wage program

Below is the email sent to President Killeen and Chancellor Koch following their announcement of a campus wage program that would exclude many UIS faculty members. They have failed to respond to this email and our follow up email.

From: “Fisher, Lynn Ellen” <>

Subject: Salary program effective February 2017

Date: December 28, 2016 at 11:44:34 AM CST

To: “Koch, Susan J” <>, “” <>

Cc: “Bussell, Donna Alfano” <>, “Barnwell, Kristi N” <>, “Anthony, Deborah” <>, “Bailey, Heather L” <>

Dear Chancellor Koch and President Killeen,

We are greatly heartened by President Killeen’s efforts to put a modest salary increase forward in spite of the ongoing budget issues.

We are writing to request that the salary program announced just before Christmas be applied to all T/TT Faculty at UIS.  To our knowledge, there is no reason that our members should not receive this modest raise while we are in negotiations. There is ample precedent for such side agreements during a negotiations process.  Such an agreement is essential for retaining (and rewarding) the dedicated faculty who continue to provide a world class education to our students. 

UIS faculty salaries have fallen well behind the cost of living over the last ten years, causing tremendous losses in terms of retention and morale–but never losses in the quality of the teaching and mentoring that are our core mission for those faculty who remain.

This dedication can no longer be taken for granted. Our already staggeringly low salaries (both in comparison to similar public institutions and within the UI system) have continued to lose value year by year. It is difficult, if not all but impossible, for many faculty to support their families on what they are paid here. As we all know, these low salaries have been augmented only sporadically with programs of 1-2%, and, in most years, not even that. Faculty at UIS also accepted furloughs some years ago in another budget crisis, but none of this loss was ever recouped, setting many of us further behind.

As President Killeen’s announcement indicated, it is essential to recognize faculty dedication and excellence. In our view, it is vital to include UIS faculty in this modest program if we are to maintain the faculty needed to fulfill our mission as a teaching institution in the University of Illinois.


Lynn Fisher

On behalf of the UIS United Faculty Executive Board:

Lynn Fisher, President

Kristi Barnwell, Vice President

Donna Bussell, At-Large Member, Lead Negotiator

Heather Bailey, At-Large Member

Deborah Anthony, Ex Officio, Grievance Officer


Lynn Fisher

Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology

University of Illinois at Springfield

1 University Plaza, MS UHB 3038

Springfield, IL 62704 U.S.A.

(217) 206-7938

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