Support Labor at State Fair Twilight Parade

Support labor at the State Fair Twilight Parade

Public service workers in state government represented by AFSCME Council 31 are on the front lines of the labor movement’s struggle with Governor Rauner.  He walked away from contract negotiations with AFSCME seven months ago, and now he’s trying to impose his terms on state employees or force them out on strike, jeopardizing the important public services they provide.

Join in solidarity with AFSCME members this Thursday night (Aug. 11) at the State Fair Twilight Parade. They’ll be marching together with elected officials who stand with labor, and passing out informational leaflets and candy to parade-watchers.

Governor Rauner is expected to march in the parade, so it’s critical that we have a strong and spirited pro-union presence!

WHERE:               Come to Lincoln Park Pavilion #4, near the Nelson Center parking lot to pick up materials and get a specific location for leafleting or marching.

WHEN:                 Thursday, August 11 starting at 4:30 p.m.

QUESTIONS OR RSVP:  Call Heather Morrell at 217-788-2800

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