Call the Governor Today!

Call the Governor today!

Governor Rauner clearly showed his priorities yesterday when he failed to even mention higher education in his budget address.Additionally, he reiterated that he plans to veto SB2043, which would fund MAP Grants.At the same time, he contends that we need to make Illinois competitive to attract businesses.If he dismantles public higher education, drives students out of state, and fails to help our neediest students reach their potential, we cannot be competitive

On Tuesday, we delivered over 20,000 postcards to Governor Rauner demanding the funding of MAP grants and our institutions.Yesterday, students, faculty, and staff rallied in Springfield and many posted pictures and messages about the need to fund our future.Today, we need to let the Governor know that higher education should be his priority if a strong state and a strong business climate are his goals.

Please call and email the Governor today.Our message is simple:


  • 1.Sign SB2043 to fund MAP grants; our students deserve access to our institutions
  • 2.Fund and prioritize Illinois Higher Education.Higher education spurs civic and economic growth.It is the key to attracting and growing businesses.

You can reach the Governor at:

(217)-782-0244 or (312)-814-2121

You can also contact him via:

Please remember that the person answering the phone might also have a child, friend, family member in one of our institutions; politeness goes a long way.If we all call, they will have a very busy day.

To be blunt, I know that many of us don’t think making these types of calls make a difference, especially in today’s politically charged climate.They do make a difference. They send a message that we are frustrated and angry enough to pick up the phone and do something that most will not do – call the Governor.Your call is essential.We will be joined by faculty, staff, and students across the state.Our joint action is a message in and of itself.Please do not believe that someone else will call for you.You need to call and let your voice be heard.Our students are counting on you.

Please share this message to encourage others to call as well.Our message gains strength with more people calling.This message is posted on our Facebook pages; feel free to share it in your social media accounts.

For more information:

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