AFSCME defends against drastic increases in state employee healthcare costs

AFSCME Council #31, which represents 37,000 Illinois state workers, is pushing back against Rauner administration proposals that would mean thousands of dollars in increased employee costs for healthcare. What AFSCME negotiates typically establishes healthcare benefits for ALL Illinois state workers–unionized or not–so UIS faculty will feel the effects of these negotiations.

The Rauner proposal would put Illinois in a class by itself–offering healthcare ‘benefits’ that are no better than the lowest (bronze level) plans individuals can buy through state healthcare insurance exchanges. It would put the University of Illinois at a serious disadvantage in attracting and retaining highly qualified workers.

The UIS United Faculty At-Large Bargaining Committee is closely monitoring the situation. If necessary, we will bargain for the university to cover increases in state employee healthcare costs as part of an appropriate compensation package for university professionals.

The power of union means we don’t have to passively accept unilateral employer changes to salary or benefits!

You can read more here.

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