Tuition Waivers at Risk

The IFT and UPI are taking a leadership role in the fight to protect 50% tuition waivers for the dependents of University faculty and staff in Illinois. Currently, many faculty count on these waivers as part of the compensation for years of dedicated public service. Are you concerned that another of your benefits is being eroded? Find out more about tuition waivers and join the fight to keep these waivers!

University Professionals Oppose Elimination of Critical Program

Save Our Waivers facebook page

Fact Sheet on Waivers and House Bill 403

Amended HB 403 which grandfathers in current recipients of the tuition waiver, but will still eliminate the waiver for anyone after AY 15/16.

You can take action by calling your elected officials and telling them why the 50% tuition waiver matters. Help keep our universities strong– help us continue to recruit and retain quality faculty who count on those waivers! Help us keep quality education affordable and available our faculty’s families.

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