Is the UI really broke?

Some of our colleagues have asked, “How can we ask for higher faculty salaries in the middle of a financial crisis?”

Our response: the University of Illinois is in strong financial shape (its own words!)—strong enough to pay UIC faculty competitive salaries (with retroactive raises), percentage promotion raises, new computers, and research/prof. dev. funds!

What “financial crisis”?

Independent financial analyses show the UI is run like a for-profit university, with $300 million income (above expenses) every year since 2010 and $700 million unrestricted cash-on-hand in 2013. The size and compensation of university administration—at all campuses—has far out-paced that of tenure-track faculty, despite the fact that enrollments are up across the system!

Clearly, direct instruction costs are not a budget priority at the U. of Illinois!

UIC faculty recently negotiated a 3-year contract with…

  • retroactive raises of 6.75% PLUS 1% above campus salary program for AY14-15!
  • 10% raise on tenure/promotion (compared to flat dollar amounts at UIS)
  • $1500 additional research/prof. development funds in AY14-15
  • guaranteed faculty seat at the table when budget priorities are set!

Read the entire UIC contract here.

  • Excellence in teaching requires fair and competitive faculty salaries!
  • Faculty salaries need to keep pace with inflation and reward experience!
  • A union will give faculty a voice when budget priorities are set and a legally binding contract to ensure the administration honors its financial agreements!

Sources: UIUC Budget Committee of UIUC Campus Senate, “Financial Analysis: The University of Illinois,” April 8, 2014; Howard Bunsis, “Updated Financial Analysis of UIUC,” Oct. 13; 2010 UI Annual Report. Available at

If you make this now…

…here’s what you would make under UIC’s current contract!


AY12-13 (2.5%)

AY13-14 (4.25%)

AY14-15 (3.5%)

Increase (to BASE!)
















got union?

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