Why should UIS students care about a faculty union?

Why should students care about a union for faculty?

UIS United Faculty seeks to establish a faculty union for UIS tenure-track faculty. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions and we want to keep you, the students, aware of what a unionized faculty could mean for the quality of your education.

Why do professors at UIS want to form a faculty union?

We are dedicated tenure-track faculty members, inspired by the highest ideals of public service, who came to UIS to be teacher-scholars at a public university. We believe faculty should be fairly compensated for their work; currently, faculty salaries at UIS rank 11th among our 14 peer institutions.(1)

We also believe that faculty should play a role in decision-making that impacts the future of our students, our faculty, and our campus. A union can help us ensure that faculty members’ voices are included when big decisions regarding budgets, planning, and the future of our campus are made.

How could a faculty union at UIS help students? Why should I care about a faculty union?

Studies have shown that students benefit from unionized faculty. Public universities with faculty unions:

  • Have lower tuition rates;
  • Slow administrative growth, which have driven the increase in tuition over the last two decades; (2)
  • Have higher graduation rates, grant more degrees to students, and graduate students faster (shorter time to degree completion) (3)

How can I find out more?

Read more about the benefits of a faculty union on our blog. You can also attend the SGA meeting on campus Sunday, September 21st. There UIS United Faculty will make a presentation to the SGA and answer your questions.

What can I do to help?

  • Learn more!—visit our blog where you learn more about faculty unions. You can also check websites such as InsideHigherEd.com and The Chronicle of Higher Education for news relating to the current state of higher education and faculty unionizing efforts.
  • Ask questions!—send us an email to ask any questions; you can also ask professors wearing UIS UF buttons, who will be happy to talk with you about our efforts.
  • Like us on Facebook!

1. The University of Illinois, “FY 2015 Budget Request for Operating and Capital Funds,” September 12, 2013, pp. 24-5.

2. Mark K. Cassell, (2013) “The Impact of Unionization on University Performance: A Cross-sectional Time Series Analysis,” Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy: volume 0, p 20.

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