What Can We Do about the University of Illinois Administration? Get Organized!

Campus Faculty Association

We are at a crisis point for faculty governance and academic freedom. Last Friday, the administration imposed a capricious and arbitrary standard of “civility,” governing what faculty are allowed to say both on and off campus. On Monday, Inside Higher Education revealed that  the Chancellor was heavily lobbied by donors and University fund-raisers as she made her decision to unilaterally override faculty decision-making and fire Prof. Steven Salaita.

Today we must ask: is the Chancellor’s newly-invented “incivility” rationale the real reason for the firing? Or do donors and fundraisers now have a say in hiring and retention decisions at the University of Illinois? Academic freedom and faculty freedom of speech are in grave danger under this regime.

Faculty want to know: does the administration even understand the basics of academic freedom and shared governance?

Does the Chancellor recognize how destructive a civility test  is to our scholarly environment?

Are university leaders completely out of touch? An endowed professor of law at…

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