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Why should UIS students care about a faculty union?

Why should students care about a union for faculty? UIS United Faculty seeks to establish a faculty union for UIS tenure-track faculty. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions and we want to keep you, the students, aware of what a unionized faculty could mean for the quality of your education. Why do professors at […]

Did you really get a raise?

In her 8/28/14 email to faculty, the UIS Provost claims, “I am very pleased that we have been able to strengthen the competitiveness of our faculty salaries through consecutive salary programs over the past four years…” Oh really? This table shows UI raises vs. inflation rates for the last 7 years: Year Raise Inflation Net […]

Rained out! Will be rescheduled! ***UISUF at UIS Student Involvement Expo!***

As part of our student outreach effort, UIS United Faculty will have a table at the UIS Student Involvement Expo TOMORROW (Weds.) from 4-6 on the Quad! We’ve got lots of water, literature, and IFT ‘bling.’ Come say hi!

What Can We Do about the University of Illinois Administration? Get Organized!

Originally posted on Campus Faculty Association:
We are at a crisis point for faculty governance and academic freedom. Last Friday, the administration imposed a capricious and arbitrary standard of “civility,” governing what faculty are allowed to say both on and off campus. On Monday, Inside Higher Education revealed that  the Chancellor was heavily lobbied by donors and University fund-raisers…

Chancellor decrees faculty at Illinois are subject to civility test; Trustees back her to the hilt

Originally posted on Campus Faculty Association:
Chancellor Wise broke her long silence on the Salaita case by launching a frontal assault on academic freedom and shared governance. Her campus massmail of August 22 seems perfectly reasonable at first reading – this campus is generally a friendly and cordial place, and who would want to change that? – but what she…

Union coalition files motion to expedite pension lawsuit

Plaintiffs urge court to consider significant Kanerva v. Weems decision, seek judgment in their favor SPRINGFIELD – Yesterday, the We Are One Illinois coalition, along with other plaintiffs, filed a motion in Sangamon County urging the Circuit Court to enter judgment in the plaintiffs’ favor on the State’s affirmative defense in light of the recent Supreme […]

What Do Faculty Unions Do?

“Faculty unions are not simply about their own bread and butter issues…. [T]he need to protect and enhance shared governance is instead often what motivates faculty members to form unions.”