Unions Insure your Right to Fair and Transparent Resolutions Grievances A “grievance” is usually initiated when a faculty member believes their contractual rights have been violated. Grievances can occur in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to: administrative error, a misunderstanding about or misapplication of resources or policies, unfair/unreasonable denial of merit decisions, […]

As a member of our bargaining unit, you have access to a variety of leaves: sick leave, bereavement leave, parental leave, and more. The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) covers leaves and protects your access to leaves in accordance with University policies. If you request and are denied access to the leaves and/or modified duties, contact […]

One of the best things about the new collective bargaining agreement is that everyone in the bargaining unit gets a Non-Instructional Assignment (NIA) to use in this or the next 2 academic years. The NIA can be used for “scholarship, service or curriculum development.” I am grateful to the union bargaining team for successfully negotiating […]

The ratified and signed contract has been posted and can be viewed here: UPIFacultyAgreement

Changes from 2017-2021 to 2021-2025 MOUs (In effect/not for ratification) Extension/continuation of the Procedural Review Committee for tenure/reappointment decisions Modified duties: Faculty shall be eligible for modified duties (flexible work assignment) for a variety of circumstances related to parental leaves of absence, grief, care giving, and more. Workload study: Faculty Workload Study Group—to study workload—with […]

Dear Colleagues,  The ratification vote by members of the UPI 4100/UIS United Faculty closed at noon on Wednesday, May 11. The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was successfully ratified. Approximately 85% of our membership participated in the process and 98% of those voting voted in favor of the contract. Labor Relations has already begun the process […]

NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE: UIS, FACULTY UNION REACH TENTATIVE AGREEMENT ON FOUR-YEAR CONTRACT The University of Illinois Springfield and UIS United Faculty have reached a tentative agreement on the terms of a four-year contract (August 16, 2021-August 15, 2025) for the UIS United Faculty collective bargaining unit, representing 134 tenure and tenure-track faculty. In the coming days/weeks, […]

UIS faculty are some of the lowest paid professors at Illinois public universities, with many UIS professors paid 10%-20% less than state averages for their fields. Worse: since 2010, UIS faculty salaries have lost ground against inflation. In real, inflation-adjusted dollars, UIS faculty are paid an average of 2.55% *LESS* than we were in 2010. […]

Colleagues, Today was our 28th bargaining session. We were scheduled to meet from 1pm until 5; our bargaining session went well past 7. We have agreed to meet on Friday afternoon in the hopes that we can avoid a disruption to our campus next week. We began our session with a comprehensive response to the University […]

Clarification (4/27/22): We received notification during our bargaining session that the Union had been sent an email indicating the University’s willingness to consider a meeting this coming weekend. We had misread/misunderstood their communication. On this basis we are clarifying that the University has expressed a willingness to meet us this weekend if necessary. Dear Colleagues— […]